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Stahlhelm Records updated stock 8-10-2019

A MONUMENTAL BLACK STATUE (AMBS) – Aere Perennius – CD  Nationalist Italian Black Metal. 
AASGARD / BRIARGH – Restoration / Kydoimos – CD (split)  Excellent Greek & Spanish Black Metal.
AASGARD - Nekriki Mistagogia - CD Dark Anti Christian Black Metal from Greece.
ABSOLUTUS - Pugnare in iis Quae Obtinere Non Possis - CD Dark Psychological Black Metal from Belgium.
ABSURD – Asgardsrei – CD Legendary German classic remixed, revised and remastered.
ANCIENT FUNERAL CULT - Відсіч - CD Ukrainian Anti-Christian/Pagan Black Metal.
A.T. - War - CD Ukrainian Black Metal on the notorious Resistance Records. 
ASKIVAL - Eternity - CD Scottish Folk/Pagan Black Metal.
AUFSCHWUNG - Песнь русской души - CD Acoustic versions of best songs from Russia.
BARBAROUS POMERANIA / FAETHON - Spear of Destiny - CD Polish / Greek split Black Metal.
BARBAROUS POMERANIA - DZIEDZICTWO GROMU 2002-2008 - CD Slavonic Pagan Black Metal from Poland, Compilation of old tracks, most never published.
BEFORE GOD – Under the Blood Banner – CD  American pagan/black metal from Minnesota.
BIAŁY VITEŹ - Odejść by wiecznie żyć CD Polish Folk/Pagan Black Metal.
BLACKDEATH - Gift - CD Anti-Christian Black Metal from Russia.
BLÅKULLA - Darkened by an Occult Wisdom - CD Occult Black Metal from France.
BLÅKULLA - Hymns to the Past Glory - CD Occult Pagan Black Metal from France.
BOUND FOR GLORY – Behold The Iron Cross – CD Legendary Thrash/RAC Metal from the United States.
BOUND FOR GLORY – Death and Defiance – CD America’s Legends deliver once again.
BOUND FOR GLORY – Feed The Machine – CD Legendary Thrash/RAC Metal from the Mid-west.
BOUND FOR GLORY – Ironborn – CD / Limited Edition Leather Slipcase $20 Legendary Vinlandic Metal/RAC 2017 full length release.
BOUND FOR GLORY - The Final Battle - CD Select tracks from the album "Bound for Attack" project, the album "Behold the iron cross" and the split with Mistreat "Beer bottles and hockey sticks" (limited to 300 copies.)
BOUND FOR GLORY - Warriors Call - CD Tracks 1-4 from the album Never Again! Tracks 5-7 from the album Last Act of Defiance. Tracks 8-12 from the album Hate Train Rolling.
BRIARGH / HEILNOZ - Omen of the Last Autumn - CD Excellent split of Pagan/Nature Black Metal from Spain.
BRIARGH - Krigas - CD Celtic/Pagan Black Metal from Spain.
BRIARGH - Vn Antigvo Trono Olvidado - CD Spanish Pagan Black Metal.
BRIGADE M / FEHER TORVENY - CD Dutch/Hungarian Brotherhood RAC/OI.
BRIGADE M - Nationaal Revolution-air - CD Revolutionary RAC/OI from the Netherlands.
BRIGADE M - Trouw aan Rood, Wit, Blauw - CD Diamond hard RAC from the Netherlands.
BULLY BOYS – From Amerika With Love – CD Legendary Vinlandic RAC.(LIMITED , FIRST PRESSING)
BURZUM/VISIONS – A Tribute To Burzum – DCD $10 Twenty-three bands paying homage to Varg Vikernes and Burzum.
BUSTUM - The Return of Hate - CD Dark Pagan Black Metal from Poland.
CELTIC DANCE – Ancient Battlecry – CD Celtic mythology inspired Black Metal from Portugal.
COFFINBAND ‎- Great 'N' Eternal - CD Russian Metalcore, Limited to 222 hand numbered copies.
COLD NORTHERN VENGEANCE - Maelstrom - CD Occult Pagan Black Metal from the East Coast.
CULTUS - Gezeteld in zegeruïnen - CD Nature/Pagan Black Metal from the Netherlands.
DARK FURY – Semper Fidelis – CD Tracks off the first four demos , Night and the Fog Part III and unreleased material from this Polish horde.
DARKESTRAH – The Great Silk Road – CD Epic black/pagan metal from Kazakhstan/Germany.
DER STURMER / CAPRICORNUS - Polish Hellenic Alliance Against Z.O.G. - CD (split) National Socialist Black Metal elites.
DIABOLICAL SACRILEGE - To Dominate Their Psyche - CD Crushing Death Metal from America.
DIAGON - Satan mit uns - CD Satanic Black Metal from the Czech Republic.
DIVISION S - Hate - CD Swedish NS Thrash/R.A.C Metal
DOMGÅRD - Myrkviðr - CD Dark Germanic Black Metal from Sweden.
DRÅPSNATT - Skelepht - CD Nature based Black Metal from Sweden.
DRUNEMETON - Fullmoon Asbath - CD Ancient Pagan Black Metal from Russia.
DUB BUK - Мертві сорому не ймуть - CD Slavonic Pagan Black Metal from Ukraine.
DUB BUK - Русь понад усе! - CD Ukrainian Pagan Black Metal.
DUB BUK - Цвях - CD Final album from these Ukrainian greats.
EVOLA TRIBUTE - The Spirit of Europe - 14 underground bands pay tribute to Julius Evola.
EXECUTION HILL - King the Gallows - CD Bohemian Black Metal.
FJÖRD / DRUNEMETON - A New Dawn Shall Rise / The Sacred Grove - CD Canadian and Russian Pagan Black Metal inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.
FJÖRD - Vor Tru - CD Traditionalist Folk/Black Metal from Canada.
FLAME OF WAR - Long Live Death! - CD Polish Pagan Black Metal.
FLAME OF WAR - Transcendence - CD Pagan Black Metal from Poland.
FREUDE – You Are The Front – CD Greek NSBM.
GAMMADION – Zemsta Ofiar / Prawda Rodzi Nienawiść – CD (Comp) Nationalist Pagan Metal from Poland.
GEIMHRE – Mollachd – CD (Re-release) Canadian NS Heathen Black Metal.
GOATPENIS - Apocalypse War - CD Black Metal War from Brazil.
GOATPENIS - Trotz Verbot nicht tot - CD Brazilian Waring Black Metal.
GRAVELAND - In the Glare of Burning Churches - CD Early Cult Polish Black Metal.
GRAVELAND - The Celtic Winter - CD Grim Pagan Black Metal from Poland.
HEATHEN HAMMER - Clandestine Oath - CD Separatist Black Metal from Kentucky.
HEATHEN HAMMER - Kinship Destiny - CD Separatist Black Metal from Kentucky.
KAMPFBUND – Saga Guerriere – CD European pagan metalcore from France.
HEIMDALLS WACHT - Der Untergang der alten Welt - CD German Pagan Black Metal.
HEIMDALLS WACHT - Ekte Westfäölske Svatte Metal - CD Excellent Black Metal from Germany.
HEIMDALLS WACHT - Westfälischer Schlachtenlärm - CD Pagan Black Metal from Germany.
HOLDAAR - Army of Winter - CD Russian Black Metal.
HOLDAAR - Way To The Sun - CD Excellent Russian Pagan Black Metal.
HOLDAAR - Твоя война - CD Pagan Black Metal from Mother Russia.
IUVENES / LEVIATHAN - Live in Eternal Sin / The Speed of Darkness - CD Black Metal split for Poland / America.
KAMPFBUND - Saga guerriere - CD Great quality Thrash/Death Metal from France.
KENAZ - Volonté de fer ancestrale - CD Pagan Black Metal from Canada.
KIBORG - Marginal Volume 2 - CD Russian Metal/Deathcore.
KIBORG – Rabble – CD  Quasi Industrial Metal/Death Core from Russia.
KRYNITZA - Angel - CD Some of the best Russian Folk music made.
KRYNITZA - Hail To The Sun - CD Some of the best Russian Folk music made.
KRYNITZA - Snowstorms Are Dancing - CD Some of the best Russian Folk music made.
KRYNITZA - The Song Of The Sepulchral Grass - CD Some of the best Russian Folk music made.
LEGION OF THOR – Feuer & Flamme – CD German deathcore.
LYCANTHROPY - Operation Werwolf - CD Dark Black Metal from Ukraine/Russia.
MALEDICERE - Leave Only What Is Fit to Burn - CD Anti Christian Black Metal from Minnesota.
MARTIAL – Execution (split w/ INFANTRY) – CD Terrorist Heathen Black Metal from Poland.
MENEGROTH – Gazourmah – CD Swiss Nationalist/Militant Black Metal.
MOLOTH – Unbreakable Faith – CD Intolerant Russian Nationalist Black Metal.
MOLOTH / NEZHEGOL – Wotanjugend – Digipak Russian National Socialist Black Metal / NS.
MORDAEHOTH - Bloedwraak - Verdoem al 't christelijk leven - CD Viking/Pagan Black Metal from the Netherlands.
MONDFINSTERNIS ‎- Where The Heaven Ends - CD Russian Pagan Black Metal.
MORTUUS CAELUM / ENOID / DIZZINESS - Impetum in Tenebris - Three way Black Metal split from Greece/Switzerland.
NEZHEGOL - Маршем Грома В Парад Осенних Ночекй - CD Nature based Pagan Metal from Russia.
NOCTURNAL FEAR - Sterilize and Exterminate - CD Waring Thrash Metal from Detroit.
NORSEWIND – Mead in the Kettle – CD Guerrilla Pagan Folk from Pennsylvania.
OHTAR / DARK FURY – Necrohate / Auri Sacra Fames – CD (split) Two of the finest Polish Heathen Black Metal Titans on this coordinated assault.
OREWOET - Afrodisiacum der vroomheid - CD Black Metal from the Netherlands.
PAGAN FLAME / LEICHENZUG - The Flaming Return of Hyperborean Wrath - CD Pagan Metal split from Canada/Germany.
PAGAN FLAME - Symbole de vie et de lumière - CD Nature based Pagan Black Metal from Canada.
PAGAN HAMMER - Norse Thunder - CD Great Pagan Metal from North Carolina.
PIAREVARACIEN - Down The Broken Path - CD Folk/Pagan Metal from Belarus.
PIAREVARACIEŃ - If No Sun - CD Belarusian Pagan Black Metal.
PIAREVARACIEŃ - Spadčyna / Heritage - CD Folk Metal from Belarus.
PIAREVARACIEŃ - U pošukach pačatku tych šlachoŭ - CD Belarusian Pagan Black Metal.
POWERHAUS – Let The New Era Begin – CD Thrash metal/Punk/RAC with members of BFG.
PUREST - Renascence - CD German Black Metal.
RACIAL PURITY - Last Ways of Humanity - CD German Hatecore.
RUHMRIECH – Hymnen Des Vaterlandes – CD Patriotic Black Metal from Germany.
SALTUS / LEGACY OF BLOOD - Symbols of Forefathers / In Blacksmith of Hate - CD Excellent Polish Split of Pagan Black Metal.
SALTUS - Imperium słońca - CD Blackened Death metal from Poland.
SALTUS - Jedność - CD Black/Death Metal from Poland with Emperor and Immortal covers.
SALTUS - Triumf - CD Quality Blackened Death Metal from Poland.
SKREWDRIVER – The Flame That Never Dies – DCD $10 Some of the worlds most hated bands paying tribute to England’s Oi/RAC Legends.
SOKYRA PERUNA (Tribute) – Ten Flaming Years – CD A tribute and a gift for who some call the “King of Kiev” consisting of Pagan & RAC metal bands around the world.
STRIKE FORCE VOL. II – CD Excellent Vinlandic,German,and Croatian Metal/Street Rock.
SWAROST - Brzask - CD Heathen Black Metal from Poland.
THOR'S HAMMER - May the Hammer Smash the Cross - CD Anti Christian Black Metal from Poland.
TODESSTRAFE – The Northern Hammer Returns – Digipak Italian National Socialist Black Metal.
TYRANATH / EINGAR / KVAATHAN - Vinlandic War Hymns - CD Three way split of Pagan Black Metal from America / Canada.
TYRANATH - Heathen Heart - CD Pagan Black Metal from America.
VEIL - Dolor - CD Excellent American Depressive Black Metal.
VEIL - Sombre - CD Depressive Pagan Black Metal from Minnesota.
VISIONS - A Tribute To Burzum - DCD $10 Twenty three bands pay tribute to Burzum.
VOLKOLAK - Disappear - CD Excellent Folk music from Russia.
WALD - Horn Of War - CD Pagan Black Metal from Russia.
WARAGE / VALSBLUT - Vestiges d'une nouvelle ère - CD Black Metal split from France.
WARAGE - Black Metal War - CD Elitest Black Metal from France.
WEHRWOLF / WIR SIND THULE – The Order – CD (split) NSBM from Southern California / NSBM from Pennsylvania.
WEST WALL ‎– Blitzkrieg Symphony #1 In D-minor - CD
WHITE DEVILS – Hussar – CD Melodic Hatecore collaboration of International Nationalist veterans.
WHITE MASTER / FRAKASS – European Storm – CD (split) Heavy Polish RAC and French Nationalist Metal.
WIGRID - Die Asche eines Lebens - Great Depressive Black Metal from Germany.
WILKOŁAK - The Blasphemous Scarlet - CD Slavonic Black Metal from Poland.
WINTERCOLD / RODOSLOV - Mysteries of the North... - CD Pagan Black/Doom Metal split from Sweden.
WITCHBLOOD - Hail to Lyderhorn - CD Black Metal Witchcraft from Germany.
WITCHBLOOD - Sorceress of the Black Sun - Female Black Metal from Bavaria.
WODULF – …from the Corpsegates – CD Ancient Greek Black Metal. 
WOLFKRIEG/ARTAM – Väterchen Frost – Digipak (split) Russian – German Alliance , Russia and Germany have a long and shifting history ranging from cooperation and even alliance to strain and to total war , NO MORE BROTHERS WAR!!!
WOLFKRIEG – Blood and Honour – CD National Socialist Pagan Black/Death Metal from Moscow Russia.
WOLFKRIEG – Fire of Ragnarök – Digipak National Socialist Pagan Black/Death Metal from Mother Russia.
WOLFKRIEG - The Souls of Old Stones / Northern Tales: A Dungeon Tribute to Burzum - DCD.
WOLFTRIBE – Dolor Aeterna – CD Anti-Christian Black Metal from Poland.
THE WOODS OF SOLITUDE - Incineration of Abrahamic Religions - CD Heathen Black Metal from Russia.
THE WOODS OF SOLITUDE - On the Threshold of Chaos - Excellent Anti-Urban Russian Black Metal.
THE WOODS OF SOLITUDE - Survival Instruction - CD Great Russian Black Metal.
WOODTEMPLE – The Call From The Pagan Woods – CD Austrian Pagan Metal with a dark feel to it.
WOTANORDEN – Aryan Culture Preservation – CD Nationalist Pagan/Heathen Black Metal from the United States.
WOTANORDEN – From The Storm Come The Wolves – CD Vinlandic Heathen Black Metal war.
WOTANORDEN - Legends of the Valorous Fallen - CD Pagan Black Metal from Pennsylvania.
WSCHÓD - O dumie, sile i ogniu - CD Anti-Globalist Black Metal from Poland.
WSCHÓD - Oddalenie - CD Patriotic Polish Black Metal.
ВЕРВЬ ‎- Житие - CD Russian Hardcore, Limited to 100 handnumbered copies.



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