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Race and Nation: Ep 45 Sacramento Rally Backlash

Race and Nation welcomes Michael Myers from GSS to discuss the organizations unjust persecution since the infamous “Battle of Sacramento” clash with Antifa.

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Ragnarok On Flanders Street by Harold A. Covington

This is personally probably my favorite chapter of the book (chapter 15/XV) "Ragnarok On Flanders Street." This is an excerpt towards the end of that chapter.

Kicky slid through the 13th Avenue intersection, and through the open driver’s side window of the Escalade she saw Andy McCafferty standing on the left-hand side of the street, below the white-trimmed bay window of some gentrified red brick yuppie loft apartments. He stared at her, his face carefully blank, and he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a radio.
No, she thought suddenly, with pure and overpowering clarity. No.
There was an opening in the oncoming traffic in the left lane, and without any further thought, Kicky turned the wheel and hit the gas. The Escalade roared across the street, slammed into McCafferty, and crushed him like a bug against the apartment wall. He died instantly.
“What the fuck?” exclaimed Cat-Eyes Lockhart from where he reclined in the back seat. “What the hell are you doing?” Wingo shouted at Kicky, stunned.
“COPS!” screamed Kicky at the top of her voice.
“Cops! It’s a trap! They’re all around

us!” She reversed the Escalade, hit the gas and roared back into the street tailgate first. Wingo looked up to see the armored personnel carrier for Delta One team turning into Flanders Street from Twelfth Avenue.
“Shit!” he shouted. He yelled into the phone, “They’re onto us! Ambush on Flanders! Beat feet! Kicky, go down 13th and head back toward the interstate, not toward the river, so we can try to lose them! Cat, heads up, see if you can spot any copters overhead!”
“Everett’s clear!” called out one of the Things. “I don’t see anything. Can you get up on Everett? We’ll block for you if they pursue.”
Kicky peeled into the intersection in reverse, trying to turn the vehicle around, but she was against the light, and she slammed into a brown UPS delivery truck coming down 13th Avenue, and the heavy armored SUV knocked the top-heavy delivery vehicle over onto its side. The street was full of screaming people, and 13th Avenue was now blocked going both ways by lunch-hour traffic, cars that were simply abandoned and left standing by their drivers who jumped out and fled for cover. The overturned UPS truck blocked the way back down Flanders as well. Behind the brown obstacle one of the vehicles stuck in the jam was the white CNN van.

They had lost the police convoy at a light and had been driving around trying to find them again. True to their craft, Cassie Ransome, her cameraman and her driver jumped out and ran toward the intersection where the noise was coming from. The three Volunteers were boxed in, and Wingo could see several heavily armed SWAT team members lumbering out of the APC. From up the street came the first rattle of M-16 fire, bullets slamming into the bulletproof glass of the windshield. “Cat, Kicky, bail! We have to get out of here on foot!” shouted Wingo, leaping out of the passenger side of the Escalade. He snapped out the folding stock on his Kalashnikov, covered behind the door of the SUV, took aim and began firing short, controlled bursts. “I’ll keep their heads down!” he yelled. “You guys beat feet!”
“I’ll do more than keep their damned heads down, I’ll blow a few of ‘em off!” Cat-Eyes Lockhart yelled back. He was out the back of the SUV and he swung himself up onto the roof of the vehicle in one smooth motion, snapped down the bipod on the .50-caliber Barrett, and sighted in. He pulled the trigger, flame vomited from the Barrett’s muzzle, a mighty roar echoed from the buildings, and up the street a SWAT man went flying back through the air, his feet leaving the ground. Lainie Martinez and Jamal Jarvis had struggled into their body armor and were now out on the street. Lainie kneeled and fired her M-16 and Jarvis stood over her, blazing away with his. Chief Linda Hirsch was jumping up and down for a bit, then leveling her Armalite and firing a wild burst, then jumping up and down some more while she screamed dementedly in Yiddish. The street sounded like the inside of a garbage can or a metal locker that was being beaten with sticks by a troop of demented monkeys.
Kicky pulled out the .38 snub she had been given and was about to exit the passenger side door of the Escalade, when Detective Luis Hermosa leaped at her through the open window of the SUV, screaming obscenities in Spanish, with his Glock in his right hand, trying to shoot Wingo with the pistol while grabbing at Kicky with his left hand. Kicky jammed the .38 into him and fired, but the Mexican’s Second Chance vest stopped the slug even at point blank range, although the impact made him scream with rage and pain. “Puta blanca!” he roared, clubbing at her with the barrel of the automatic, knocking the baseball cap off her head and the sunglasses off her face, holding her hair bunched in his fist and trying to bang her head against the steering wheel. He fired the Glock several times wildly into the seat and through the opposite window, while Kicky screamed and tried to get the .38 up high enough to shoot again, but the steering wheel was in the way and she couldn’t think coherently.
Special Agent Elliott Weinstein pulled his unmarked FBI car up behind the Rapid Response Team’s APC, parked in the 12th Avenue intersection, and started honking the horn. Farley had finally managed to persuade him that while driving into an NVA firefight it was not a good idea to have the car window with its bulletproofed tinted glass rolled down, but now Weinstein rolled the window down again and leaned out yelling, “Goddamit, what’s going on! Get out of my way! Where is that bitch Linda Hirsch? Farley, can you see anything?”
“Uh, no,” said Farley, who heard the gunshots and decided he was remarkably uncurious as to what was going on around the corner on Flanders Street. Damn, I need a drink! he thought, with a longing touch of his jacket where he kept the little flask he dared not bring out in Weinstein’s presence.
“Well, get the hell out and see!” raved Weinstein.
“Uh, didn’t Chief Hirsch say something about a terrorist on a motorbike?” asked Farley.

“Yeah. So?” demanded Weinstein. Farley pointed. Weinstein turned to his left and saw a Suzuki bike with a man in leather and denim on it, not two feet away from his face, wearing a closed helmet with the visor down.
“Package for you,” said the rider. “Sign here, please.” He reached over and flipped a hand grenade into the car; both FBI men could see the spoon pop and twirl away as the grenade rolled under the seat. The biker whirled and tore off back down the sidewalk, bypassing the backed-up traffic. Weinstein screamed like a woman and Farley bellowed mindlessly as both men clawed at their Bureau-mandated seatbelts, trying to get them unbuckled, but the grenade went off with a whump, the car leaped several feet into the air as the armored chassis neatly contained the force of the explosion mostly inside it, and then settled down into a smoldering piece of junk with crimson goo smeared all over the windshield and the interior. Elliott Weinstein’s head was later found in the gutter across the street.
Back at the Escalade, Kicky was still wrestling frantically with the infuriated Hermosa, but finally she managed to jam the muzzle of the .38 between his frothing lips and clattering teeth and pull the trigger with a kind of mushy sound. Even with all the noise, she could still hear the splatter of his brains and blood as they hit the sidewalk. Hermosa’s Glock dropped into her lap, and he slid down out of sight to the ground beside the driver’s door. Kicky McGee never remembered thereafter what prompted her to do what she then did; it just seemed to happen, with no coherent thought on her part. Without hesitating for a fraction of a second, she leaned her left arm against the side of the driver’s door, jammed the muzzle of the revolver into the flesh beneath her left armpit and pinned down the small metallic lump, the monitoring and tracking device that the FBI had inserted into her body. Then she pulled the trigger, smashing the device into tiny fragments and blowing several ounces of muscle tissue out of her own arm.
Wingo was concentrating on the enemy in front of him and didn’t see what she had done, and Lockhart was on the roof. Kicky had read somewhere that gunshot wounds were numb at first, and then only started hurting later on. Not this one. Her arm felt like it had been ripped off at the socket, she screamed in agony, and from this point on, she was pretty much insane. She dropped the .38 and she floundered and flopped out the passenger side door, howling, grabbing up the Mexican detective’s Glock pistol in her right hand along the way. She rolled out onto the street and heaved to her feet. The armored door of the SUV gave her some protection from the bullets that slapped all around her, into the door and into the asphalt.
Wingo had ducked around behind the Escalade for more cover while he slapped another magazine into the Kalashnikov, another of the taped-together clips. He slung the weapon, pulled a hand grenade off his belt, and then winding up like a baseball pitcher he hurled it up the street where it bounced off several car roofs and rolled down into the street, the blast hurling shrapnel and shaking the street. Then he did the same with a second grenade. The police all hit the ground or dove for cover. Wingo then recovered the Kalashnikov and started firing again. On the roof, Cat Lockhart also slammed a new magazine into the .50-cal rifle, rose calmly into a kneeling position oblivious to the police bullets whizzing around him like electrons, and resumed firing. Just then the CNN crew, who had been cowering behind the overturned UPS truck, decided that it was time to do their jobs.
They ran along Flanders Street and turned right into 13th Avenue, the cameraman braced his camera on top of a parked car, and Cassie Ransom started shouting a disjointed narration into her microphone, trying to explain to the satellite-uplinked studio and worldwide audience what was happening in front of her on a Portland street. The next twenty seconds of film footage eventually won Cassie and the cameraman Pulitzer Prizes. The video clip was shown all over the world for weeks, it became an integral part of the visual history of the Northwest War of Independence, and is still shown today in virtually every documentary made on the subject. It requires a bit of explanation, though.

By this point in time, Cat Lockhart had already shot and killed four Rapid Response Team officers, including the negro Captain Isaiah Robinson, and what with the rain of .50- caliber slugs and Wingo’s hand grenades, the rest were taking the better part of valor and covering down behind parked cars and behind any available cover, including Lainie Martinez and Jamal Jarvis. Linda Hirsch was hiding behind the Oak Harbor moving van, but every few seconds she would lean out, gibber, fire a one-handed burst with her M-16 that she held like a pistol, and vanish again. Lockhart had no idea who the fat babbling target was, but it annoyed him, and he was determined to hit it. The shot was hard, though, since from the intersection Flanders Street sloped slightly upward and to the right, with a lot of car rooftops and trees and other junk in the way. The pale babbling proboscidian blob never showed itself in exactly the same place twice, and then only for a second or two. The rest of the cops were firing blindly, raising their M-16s up over their heads, popping a few rounds on semi or a brief burst on full auto in the general direction of the intersection, not aiming and not hitting anything. Kicky McGee was dazed, disoriented, and by now she was completely out of her mind with pain from her wound and from incandescent rage at the destruction of her whole life by these people. She staggered up the street, screaming wordlessly in a hoarse voice, her left arm and side soaked with bright red blood, her honey blonde hair streaming behind her. In her mindless rage she held the Glock pistol at arm’s length in her right hand, firing it blindly in the general direction of her tormentors, hitting nothing. She got in Wingo’s way, and he had to run out from behind the Escalade several feet, He hurled his last grenade, then raised his weapon to his shoulder and fired it in sustained bursts to try and cover Kicky, all the while shouting at her to get down, to get under cover. On the roof of the Escalade, Lockhart knelt and blasted away at Linda Hirsch and anything else he could get in his scope that looked like a cop. The wild shots from the police peppered everything, popping into car windows and the street and the walls. Lockhart ignored them and kept on calmly aiming and firing.
It was a confused scene, and actually pretty pointless and ineffectual. Nobody was hitting anything, and no one besides Lockhart was even aiming. But it looked cool as hell on TV, and in America, that was what mattered. By sheer fortuitous accident, what the CNN camera caught for twenty seconds—and twenty seconds is a long sound byte on TV news—was a perfectly blocked shot of stunning dramatic impact. In the far center right of the screen Kicky seemed to stalk up the street. She was firing blindly, howling like an animal in an unthinking spasm of rage and madness, but what the world saw was a wounded Valkyrie screaming her war cry and charging the enemy machine guns that splattered in round strikes all around her. In the lower left, Jimmy Wingo hurled his grenade and then stood like a rock, Errol Flynn and Audie Murphy in beard and denim vest and shades, tattoos on bulging arm muscles clearly visible, black cowboy hat tilted back on his head, his Kalashnikov at shoulder height and hammering away, sending a gleaming shower of brass cartridge cases in a high fountain, reversing and reloading the taped magazines in one smooth and swift motion. High in the top center, Cat Lockhart knelt with his mighty rifle, flame spewing from the muzzle with each shot like a thunderbolt from Asgard.

For possibly ten of the twenty seconds this tableau held. Then there was the sound of an engine roaring and the camera swung left just as the blue Chevy pickup containing Thing One and Thing Two flew by, driving on the sidewalk, and screeched to a halt in the intersection. The shaggy Thing One jumped out of the passenger side, raised a Heckler and Koch submachine gun to his shoulder, and started hammering away in a second rattling fountain of empty cartridge cases. Cat Lockhart fired one last .50-caliber round, the one that smashed Linda Hirsch’s skull to fragments like an exploding melon, and then he whirled and made a spectacular Zorro-like leap from the back of the Escalade into the flatbed of the Chevrolet. Jimmy Wingo ran forward, grabbed the berserk Kicky around her waist and lifted her over his shoulder, then ran back and tossed her into the back of the pickup like a sack of potatoes, before jumping in himself. Thing One leaped back into the cab and the blue Chevy then roared off down Flanders Street on the sidewalk, knocking over sandwich-board shop signs and sending an espresso cart flying. At 14th Avenue they were joined by the Grand Prix, and both vehicles floored it out along Highway 30.
There was no pursuit. Almost all the mobile police in the city were surrounding Waterfront Park and no one was available or willing to organize any response. No one had even bothered to radio Delta Two team or any other police and tell them what was going on. From the time Kicky McGee slammed the Escalade into Andy McCafferty until the time the blue Chevy pickup departed the area with all five Volunteers, exactly seventy seconds elapsed. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Brigade by Harold A. Covington

This is a great excerpt from the end of chapter 8 pages 224-227.

Race is the North American issue. It always has been, ever since one of Columbus’ sailors shot the first Indian with a crude matchlock musket back in 1492. Every problem that America faces today, every crisis of the economy or of the spirit, is in some form or another eventually traceable back to the problem of race. 

Every civilization, every culture, every major historical achievement of mankind is the product of the racial personality of those who created that civilization. Destroy a race and not only living beings are destroyed, but an immense hole is ripped in the entire fabric of this planet’s existence. Destroy the most intelligent and creative and dynamic race of all mankind, the Aryan, and damage has been inflicted on the human species that can never be recovered or repaired. 

The racial issue can be boiled down to one very simple question: Who does the world belong to? More immediately, who does the continent of North America belong to? Does it belong to the Aryan peoples of Europe who settled this land after braving a perilous ocean voyage to reach it, tilled its soil and grew crops, built homes and communities here, created its legal and social and political institutions, created everything we recognize today as America? Or does it belong to the various black and brown races of the Third World, who have contributed nothing except sporadic physical labor? Whose sole claim to the land is the mere fact that they happen to be here, and who have caused immense damage through their anti-social behavior? 

The idea that we are supposed to share this land in some kind of grotesque, squalid multi-racial Babylon is simply stupid. The mud races have done nothing to earn citizenship or rights of residence here that is in any way compensatory for the immense damage they have caused. The black man in particular has contributed very little to America except physical labor. His contribution is on a level with that of the horse—valuable in a limited way, but like the horse, the black man is now obsolete and has been since the development of agricultural machinery and the internal combustion engine. There is no moral or economic or social justification for keeping the black man around any longer, and many pressing reasons for his removal. The same goes for the masses of Third World immigrants. They are contributing nothing at all that we really need, except cheap labor for multinational corporations, which keeps white wages low. 

History demonstrates quite clearly that multi-racial empires do not prosper, and in the long run do not survive. Every society that has ever attempted the multi-racial or even multi-ethnic experiment has failed miserably, from ancient Rome down through the Hapsburg monarchy of Austria-Hungary, to the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia of the last century. America will not survive the curse of multi-racialism any more than those other societies did. There is no magical law of the universe exempting North America from the basic principles of human biopolitics. One of those basic principles is that racial purity strengthens a society; whereas diversity weakens and eventually destroys it. Look at the few remaining stable and prosperous countries that exist today: Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, Taiwan, and Korea. All of them are racially homogenous, not “diverse.” 

No nation is born diverse. Diversity is indeed the antithesis of nationhood. Nations arise in large part from their very racial, religious, and cultural unity and uniqueness. Diversity is an unnatural as well as an unhealthy condition that can only afflict states in national decline. The multicultural, and especially the multiracial state, carries in its makeup the seeds of certain national destruction. All multicultural nations must by definition be in a state of political, moral, economic and social decay. Greed and corruption invariably characterize the government of the multiracial state, coupled with oppressive measures directed against its citizens to keep them in harness with unnatural partners. Lies and deceit are the stock in trade of multicultural media, politicians and educational institutions. Democracy, a flawed system to begin with, is perverted into an instrument of disastrous cultural and biological leveling. From democracy steps forth the cruelest of tyrants. 

In modern times diversity is instituted from the top down as an élitist ruling-class tool used to play one or more racial or ethnic groups against one another. The ensuing cultural melée serves the political designs, economic goals and power needs of the élitist rulers and their sponsors while destroying everything worthwhile in the affected society. In the twenty-first century, multiculturalism is being used as a hammer to forge an artificially created, unintelligent, compliant brown-skinned people who will compose the obedient state of the New World Order. As a weapon of post-modern political warfare, multiculturalism has few equals, which explains its use currently against all of Western Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Deliberate fragmentation of these nations into racially diverse, politically disharmonious elements and special interest groups, and the resultant loss of national identity and purpose, are requirements of the New World Order. 
Who will compose that New World Order? An Anglo-Zionist ruling class, extensively Jewish and discreetly homosexual, consisting of an economic hierarchy of wealth and conformity that replaces the natural hierarchy of talent, courage, and virtue. A force that views countries and the people who live in them first as economic targets to be exploited, and second as military targets to be destroyed and gutted of assets if they resist.

The mere fact that the black and brown races happen to be in North America, through whatever accident of history or violation of immigration law that came about, does not give them the right to a free ride on the white man’s back for their entire lives. Yet this is, essentially, the demand of the multicultural idea, that people with dark skins be given goods, services, benefits, and advantages that they have not only done nothing to earn, but that they do not know how to use properly and will only destroy and contaminate. The leveling in a multicultural, diverse society is never upward, always downward. Racial integration is like mixing horse manure and ice cream: it does improve the manure somewhat, but it doesn’t do much for the ice cream. 

We have been taught by our lords and masters to view “racism” as evil and wrong. It is not. Racism is in fact the purest expression of patriotism. We live today in a world where old ideas of geopolitics are being replaced by biopolitics. Racism is right because racism is the will of Nature. Racists are doing the work of Nature. They are aiding Nature by helping to protect the most important of Nature’s creations: the different races that Nature has evolved over many millennia. Racism is Nature’s way of trying to protect her own creations. Thus racism aids and encourages further evolution—that is, it aids the development of the separate races that exist. The truth about so- called antiracism is that it is unnatural, unhealthy and dangerous. Antiracism actively encourages the destruction of Nature. It is retrogressive and anti-evolutionary. The society that is based upon such stupid ideas is an unnatural, unhealthy society doomed sooner or later to be destroyed, because such a society will destroy Nature itself. We human beings are Nature made manifest, and we are subject to its laws just as much as are other forms of life. If we forget this truth and continue with our race-mixing, we shall perish. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Golden State Skinheads - Sacramento Rally Backlash

Reposted from http://goldenstateskinheads.org

It’s no secret that the modern left-wing way of thinking is ultimately communism; this of course means that their views and motives are polar opposite of ours almost in their entirety. As members of G.S.S., we’ve spent many years fighting the ever-increasing tide of the communist and globalist agendas in the political arena that is destroying our nation at its core. We have made sure to carefully take every step to maintain a consistent legal and professional stance since our first day of inception. As “Skinheads” we have grown accustomed to the law not taking kindly to us and our views and in knowing this we’ve strived to maintain an above average standard of legality; far surpassing the degenerative left-wing opposition who seemingly oppose every active law and are openly encouraged to do so by main stream media and government officials.

After many years of legally permitted protests and rallies I personally believe our actions speak volumes. Not once have we started any violence at any event under our banners – EVER! Not once have we disobeyed law enforcement or failed to comply with rules set by permits and local authorities; albeit when attacked we have defended ourselves when deemed necessary – yet this is every free mans right! On June 26, 2016 at the Sacramento State Capital we held a rally like we had many times before; and like prior events the left-wing terrorist groups threatened to stop us. Upon our arrival to the Capital grounds over 300 homemade weapon welding commies bombarded us with the sole intention of ending our lives. We were a modest group of 17 men that stood together and the aftermath of the attack left a higher number of the opposition injured. We strongly believe we were in the right to defend ourselves and see this entire situation as obvious self defense.  All of this was documented on photo and video via multiple cameras and even the CHP made public statements supporting this. https://www.chp.ca.gov/PressReleases/Pages/CHP-Completes-Investigation-into-2016-Capitol-Incident.aspx

The fact that the end result of this event was made so public, causing many civilians to sympathize in our plight; we were surprised to find out that from the date of the Sacramento Rally the FBI has been holding a full investigation on our members and organization as a whole. As it has now been over a year since the June Rally and they have proceeded to start arresting members on rally related crimes whilst adding on a vast number of erroneous charges that we can only suspect as being falsified. We feel as if we’re being unjustly persecuted despite being legal activists because of the way the situation unfolded last June. It appears as if they’re eager to conclude this circumstance to appease the public eye and have found a simpler avenue in “crucifying” our members instead of addressing the real issues at hand.

None of us will flee and any who are charged will face all accusations in an open court and do so with pride in knowing our actions have always been legal and justified. We’ll have fund raisers up soon to attain proper lawyers and bail for those that are in need. We will have complete transparency with any and all funds gained for this purpose. Yet ultimately G.S.S. asks that our movement as a whole simply support us in any way that they can.
Hail G.S.S!

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FLAME OF WAR – Transcendence – CD $12 Pagan Black Metal from Poland.
FLAME OF WAR – Long Live Death! – CD $12 Pagan Black Metal War from Poland.
FREUDE – You Are The Front – CD $12 Greek NSBM.
GAMMADION – Enemy At The Gates – CD $12 Great quality Pagan Metal from Poland.
GAMMADION / HAMMER OF HATE / TORMENTIA – W mroku mogił – CD (three way split) $12 Three elite bands from Poland unite for a split of Pagan Metal & Metal laced RAC.
GAMMADION – Zemsta Ofiar / Prawda Rodzi Nienawiść – CD (Comp) $12 Nationalist Pagan Metal from Poland.
GEIMHRE – Mollachd – CD (Re-release) $10 Canadian NS Heathen Black Metal.
GOATPENIS – Apocalypse War – CD $12 Brazilian Waring Blackened Death Metal.
GOATPENIS – Biochemterrorism – CD $12 Blackened War Metal Radiation from Brazil.
GOATPENIS – Depleted Ammunition – CD $12 Brazilian Nuclear Waring Death Metal Assault.
GOATPENIS -Trotz Verbot Nicht Tot – CD $14 Brazilian nuclear war metal.
GRAVELAND – Drunemeton – CD $10 Demo release from November of 1992.
GRAVELAND – Immortal Pride – CD $14 Polish heathen/viking metal. (NC version)
GRAVELAND – In The Glare Of Burning Churches – CD $10 Another classic but raw release.
GRAVELAND / BIALY VITEZ – Ogień wilczych serc – Cd (split) $12 Split of Elite Pagan Metal Wolf Craft from Poland.
GRAVELAND – The Celtic Winter – CD $10 Re-release of this great Pagan album.
GRAVELAND – The Celtic Winter – CD (No Colours) $14 Superb Black/Pagan Metal from the mid 90’s.
GRAVELAND – Wotan Mit Mir  – CD $14 As usual , top quality Pagan/Heathen metal from Poland.
GRAVEWURM – Black Fire – CD $10 Simplistic Goat laced Black Metal from Vinland.
GRAVEWURM – Blood Of The Pentagram – CD $10 Goat/Black Metal from Vinland.
HARZA – War – CD $10 WW II influenced Black Metal from Russia.
HEATHEN HAMMER – Clandestine Oath – CD $12 Heathen sonic warfare from Vinland.
HEATHEN HAMMER – Kinship Destiny – CD $12 Extreme Vinlandic Heathen Black Metal.
HEIMDALLS WACHT – Der Untergang der alten Welt – CD $12 Pagan Black Metal from Germany.
HEIMDALLS WACHT – Ekte Westfäölske Svatte Metal – CD $12 Excellent Germanic Pagan Black Metal.
HEIMDALLS WACHT – Westfälischer Schlachtenlärm – CD $12 Germanic Anti Christian Pagan Black Metal.
HOLDAAR – Army of Winter – CD $12 Russian Pagan National Socialist Black Metal.
HOLDAAR – Way To The Sun/Fuckin Metal Thunder – CD $12 NS Russian Pagan Black Metal , includes the Fuckin Metal Thunder EP.
HOLDAAR – Your War – CD $12 National Socialist Pagan Black Metal from Kaliningrad Russia.
HONOR – In Flames of the Rising Power – CD (English Version) $12 Legendary Pagan Metal/RAC from Poland.
ICONOCLAST CONTRA – Combat Is the Voice of the Heathen – CD $12 Warring Nationalist Blackened Death Metal from Utah.
IUVENES / LEVIATHAN – Live in Eternal Sin / The Speed of Darkness – CD (split) $13 Pagan Black Metal from Poland / Depressive Black Metal from California.
KAMPFBUND – Saga Guerriere – CD $13 European pagan metalcore from France.
KENAZ – Volonté de fer ancestrale – CD $10 Canadian Pagan Black Metal War and Terror.
KIBORG – Marginal (Volume 2) – CD $12 Russian Nationalist Metalcore.
KIBORG – Rabble – CD $12 Quasi Industrial Metal/Death Core from Russia.
KRYNITZA – Angel – CD (digipak) $12 First album of Excellent Pagan Folk from Russland.
KRYNITZA – Hail To The Sun – CD (digipak) $12 Great Pagan Folk from Russland.
KRYNITZA – Stormsnows Are Dancing – CD (digipak) $12 4th full-length from the Slavonic neo-dark-folk group from Rybinsk.
KRYNITZA – The Song Of The Sepulchral Grass – CD (digipak) $12 Excellent Russian Folk.
LAST BATTALION – Where Do We Go From Here? – CD $12 American Hatecore/Metal from the East Coast.
LEGION OF THOR – Feuer & Flamme – CD $13 German deathcore.
LYCANTHROPY – Operation Werwolf – MCD $8 Russian/Ukrainian Heathen Blackened Death Metal.
MALEDICERE – Leave Only What is Fit to Burn – CD $10 Perfect blend of blasphemy and primitive style black metal from Minnesota.
MARTIAL – Execution (split w/ INFANTRY) – CD $12 Terrorist Heathen Black Metal from Poland.
MENEGROTH – Gazourmah – CD $11 Swiss Nationalist/Militant Black Metal.
MOLOTH – Unbreakable Faith – CD $11 Intolerant Russian Nationalist Black Metal.
MOLOTH / NEZHEGOL – Wotanjugend – Digipak $12 Russian National Socialist Black Metal / NS Pagan Black Metal.
MORDAEHOTH – Bloedwraak , Verdoem Al ‘t Christelijk Leven – CD $12 Pagan/Viking Black Metal from the Netherlands.
MORDAEHOTH – Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart – CD $12 Mythological Pagan/Viking Black Metal from the Netherlands.
MORTUUS CAELUM / ENOID / DIZZINESS – Impetum in Tenebris – CD (split) $10 Nature based , Pre-Christian , Anti-Human Black Metal from Greece / Switzerland.
NACHTFALKE – Wotan’s Return – CD $13 Excellent Black/Viking Metal from the Fatherland.
NEZHEGOL – Маршем грома в парад осенних ночей – CD $12 National Socialist Pagan Metal from Russia.
NOCTURNAL FEAR – Excessive Cruelty – CD $12 Great American Thrash Metal from the war zones of Detroit.
NORSEWIND – Mead in the Kettle – CD $12 Guerrilla Pagan Folk from Pennsylvania.
NORSEWIND – Odin’s Fierce Divine – CD $12 First album from these Guerrilla Folk Bards from Pennsylvania.
ODAL – Sturmes Brut – CD $13 Pagan Black Metal from the Fatherland , remastered and added bass unlike the first two versions.
ODAL – Zornes Heimat – CD $12 Pagan Black Metal from the Fatherland.
OHTAR – Human Fuel Of Death – CD $12 Another glorious victory from Eastern Europe , Polish Elite Black Metal.
OHTAR / DARK FURY – Necrohate / Auri Sacra Fames – CD (split) $10 Two of the finest Polish Heathen Black Metal Titans on this coordinated assault.
OREWOET – Afrodisiacum der vroomheid – CD $12 Excellent Black Metal from the Netherlands , very limited.
PAGAN FLAME – Symbole de Vie et de Lumière – CD $10 Pagan Black Metal from Eastern Canada.
PAGAN FLAME / LEICHENZUG – The Flaming Return of Hyperborean Wrath – CD (split) $12 Canadian / German split of quality Pagan & Anti – Christian Black Metal.
PAGAN HAMMER – Norse Thunder – CD $10 Great Vinlandic Black Metal.
PANTHEON – Aryan Rebirth – DCD $22 Mythological Nationalist Black Metal from Arizona.
PANTHEON – Führersland – CD $9 Pagan/black metal from Arizona.
PANTHEON – Krihapentswor – CD $12 Mythological Nationalist Black Metal from Arizona.
PANTHEON – Lightning Thunder Propaganda – CD $12 Dedicated Nationalist Black Metal from Arizona.
PANTHEON – Vargrstrike – CD $12 American NSBM from Arizona.
PHONIX – Germania – CD $13 Project of Bound for Glory, Preserve White Aryans, Überzeugungstäter, Faust, Act of Violence & Division Germania.
PIAREVARACIEN – Down the Broken Path – CD $10 Pagan/Folk Metal from Belarus.
PIAREVARACIEN – If No Sun – Digipak $13 Belarusian Blackened Folk Metal.
PIAREVARACIEN – Spadčyna / Heritage – Digipak $13 Excellent Belarusian Folk Metal.
PIAREVARACIEN – U pošukach pačatku tych šlachoŭ – Digipak $13 Black Pagan/Folk Metal from Belarus.
POWERHAUS – Let The New Era Begin – CD $13 Thrash metal/Punk/RAC with members of BFG.
RACIAL PURITY – Last Ways Of Humenity – CD $8 Great quality German Metalcore. 
RUHMRIECH – Hymnen Des Vaterlandes – CD $10 Patriotic Black Metal from Germany.
SALTUS – Imperium Slonca – CD $12 Great blackened death from Poland.
SALTUS – Jedność – CD (digipak) $10 Slavonic Blackened Death Metal , limited 500 copies.
SALTUS – Triumf – CD $12 Blackened death from Poland.
SALTUS / LEGACY of BLOOD – Symbols of Forefathers / In Blacksmith of Hate – CD (split) $12 Two of Warsaw’s finest bands , Polish Blackened Death & Black Metal.
SAPTHURAN -Hildegicel – CD (digipak) $10 Solo Black Metal project by a member of Heathen Hammer.
SELBSTENTLEIBUNG – Emotionale Endstation – CD $12 Suicidal Black Metal from Austria.
SELBSTMORD – Dawn of a New Era – CD $10 Hateful suicidal Black Metal from Poland. 
SEVERE STORM – Follow The Path Of Darkness – CD $11 Nationalist Black Metal from Southern Poland.
SEVERE STORM / SLAVECRUSHING TYRANT – We Will Drown the Dawn in Blood – CD (split) $10 NSBM / Pagan Black Metal from the Aryan Stronghold of Poland.
SKREWDRIVER – The Flame That Never Dies – DCD $22 Some of the worlds most hated bands paying tribute to England’s Oi/RAC Legends.
SLAVLAND – Lechita – CD $12 Polish Pagan Metal.
SLAVLAND – Szepty Starych Debów – CD $12 Pagan Metal from Southern Poland.
SMASHING RAINBOWS – Rock Against Homosexuality – CD (compilation) $12 Basically a Metal/RAC Compilation on commonsense healthy living.
SOKYRA PERUNA (Tribute) – Ten Flaming Years – CD $12 A tribute and a gift for who some call the “King of Kiev” consisting of Pagan & RAC metal bands around the world.
STRIKE FORCE VOL. II – CD $13 Excellent Vinlandic,German,and Croatian Metal/Street Rock.
SUDSTURM – Weißes Bataillon – CD $12 German RAC.
SVARGA – Jav’ Vozdymaet – CD $10 Ukrainian Melodic Pagan Black Metal.
SVARGA – Symbol of the Freedom – CD $10 Slavonic Pagan Black Metal from Ukraine.
SWAROST – Brzask – CD $10 Judeo-Christian smashing Heathen Black Metal from Poland.
TEMNOZOR – Haunted Dreamscapes – Digibook CD $15 Excellent Russian Folk/Black Metal. (RUSSIAN VERSION)
TEMNOZOR – Haunted Dreamscapes – CD $12 Excellent Russian Folk/Black Metal. (ENGLISH VERSION)
THE EVERSCATHED – The Devil’s Cross – CD $6 Old school Death Metal reminiscent to early Death (Including covers of Samael & Cancer). 
THE WOODS OF SOLITUDE – На Пороге Хаоса – CD $12 Melodic Russian Black Metal.
THE WOODS OF SOLITUDE – Испепеление Авраамических Религий – Digipak CD $15 Anti-Urban Black Metal from Russia.
THE WOLVES OF AVALON – Boudicca’s Last Stand – CD $12 Second release of English Celtic Pagan Metal.
THE WOLVES OF AVALON – Carrion Crows Over Camlan – CD $12 Superb British Celtic Pagan Metal.
THOR’S HAMMER – May the Hammer Smash the Cross – CD $12 NS Anti-Christian Black Metal from Poland.
THOTH – Zamglenie – CD $10 Dark Black Metal from Poland.
TODESSTRAFE – The Northern Hammer Returns – Digipak $13 Italian National Socialist Black Metal.
TRISKELON – Endast Mörker – CD $12 Excellent quality Swedish NS Death Metal.
ULVEGR – Arctogaia – CD $12 Ineffable Ukrainian Mystical Pagan/Black Metal.
ULVEGR – Where the Icecold Blood Storms – CD $10 Ukrainian Heathen Black Metal.
VAETTIR – S/T – pro-CDR $5 Extreme underground heathen/black metal from the Granite State(First press. very limited).
VEIL – Dolor – CD $10 Depressive Black Metal from Saint Paul
VEIL – Sombre – CD $10 Vinlandic occult raw Black Metal(Re-release with a previously unreleased track/Stellar Winter version also available).
VELIMOR – Our World – CD $12 Ukrainian Pagan Black Metal. 
VOLKOLAK – Disappear – CD $13 Russian Pagan/Folk Metal. 
WALD – Horn of War – CD $12 Pagan Black Metal from Russia.
WEHRWOLF / WIR SIND THULE – The Order – CD (split) $12 NSBM from Southern California / NSBM from Pennsylvania.
WELTMACHT – And to Every Beast Its Prey – CD $13 Excellent American Black Metal from the Mid-west.
WELTMACHT – The Call To Battle – CD $12 Great Vinlandic Black Metal.
WEREWOLF – The Order of Vril – CD $13 Polish black/pagan metal with members of Iuvenes.
WEST WALL – Blitzkrieg Symphony #1 in D-Minor – CD $13 American war/death metal from the mid-west.
WEST WALL – Reconquest or Death – CD $13 Crushing second album from the Minnesota war metal camp.
WEST WALL – On My Shield – CD $13 3rd assault of pro-infidel waring death metal excellence!
WHITE DEATH – Compilation – CD $12 Multiple tracks from Before God , Front Towards Enemy ,  Iron Youth , Bifrost , Centurion , Sigrblot , Triskelon and Veles.
WHITE DEVILS – Hussar – CD $13 Melodic Hatecore collaboration of International Nationalist veterans.
WHITE MASTER / FRAKASS – European Storm – CD (split) $12 Heavy Polish RAC and French Nationalist Metal.
WIGRID – Die Asche Eines Lebens – CD $13 Depressive black metal from Germany.
WILKOLAK – The Blasphemous Scarlet – CD $12 Pagan Black Metal Darkness from Poland.
WINDS OF HYPERBOREA / BENARES – Jebać życie – CD (split) $10 Raw Black Metal from Poland / German Black Metal.
WINTERFRONT – Northwinds – CD $10 Pagan Black Metal from Croatia.
WIR SIND THULE – Arbeit Macht Frei – CD $12 American Black Metal from Pennsylvania.
WODULF – …from the Corpsegates – CD $13 Ancient Greek Black Metal. 
WOLFKRIEG/ARTAM – Väterchen Frost – Digipak (split) $15 Russian – German Alliance , Russia and Germany have a long and shifting history ranging from cooperation and even alliance to strain and to total war , NO MORE BROTHERS WAR!!!
WOLFKRIEG – Blood and Honour – CD $12 National Socialist Pagan Black/Death Metal from Moscow Russia.
WOLFKRIEG – Fire of Ragnarök – Digipak $15 National Socialist Pagan Black/Death Metal from Mother Russia.
WOLFTRIBE – Dolor Aeterna – CD $10 Anti-Christian Black Metal from Poland.
WOODTEMPLE – The Call From The Pagan Woods – CD $13 Austrian Pagan Metal with a dark feel to it.
WOTANORDEN – Aryan Culture Preservation – CD $12 Nationalist pagan/heathen black metal from the United States.
WOTANORDEN – From The Storm Come The Wolves – CD $12 Vinlandic heathen black metal war.
WOTANORDEN – Legends of the Valorous Fallen – CD $10 The fourth and possibly the final release from this great American Pagan/Black Metal Group.
WOTANORDEN – The hands of fate – CD $10 3rd Pagan Black Metal attack from one of Vinland’s Finest.
WSCHOD – O Dumie, Sile I Ogniu – CD $10 Polish Black Metal.
WSCHOD – Oddalenie – CD $10 Polish Black Metal.

West Wall - Blitzkrieg Symphony #1 in D-Minor

WEST WALL – Blitzkrieg Symphony #1 in D-Minor – CD $13 American war/death metal from the mid-west.

Race and Nation: Ep 45 Sacramento Rally Backlash

Race and Nation welcomes Michael Myers from GSS to discuss the organizations unjust persecution since the infamous “Battle of Sacramento” c...