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Division S - Hate

White Nationalist R.A.C./Thrash Metal from Stockholm Sweden. CD $12

Blue Eyed Devils - On The Attack

Notorious Hatecore album consisting of tracks from the self-titled 7" ep, Tri-State Terror Volume 2 compilation, Keep It White Volume 2 compilation, WPWW 4 compilation and the East Vs. West 7" ep. CD $12

Nocturnal Fear - Sterilize and Exterminate

War themed Thrash Metal from Murder City Detroit. CD $12

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Honor / Graveland - Raiders of Revenge

One of the best Polish National Socialist / Pagan Metal albums ever released. CD $13

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Wolfkrieg - Fire of Ragnarök

National Socialist Pagan Black/Death Metal from Mother Russia. CD $15

Before God - Under The Blood Banner

Black Metal side project of Bound For Glory, the true Minnesota Vikings. CD $12

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Mondfinsternis ~ Where The Heaven Ends

Mondfinsternis is a Atmospheric Pagan Metal side project of Russia's own Wolfkrieg.

Contact for your copy.

Heathen Hammer ~ White Spirit Black Mask

One of Vinland's most politically incorrect Black Metal bands ever to conquer these North American shores.

We are W.H.I.P.
(White Heterosexual Infidel Pride)

Stahlhelm acquired only a handful, so as of now, munitions are very limited for this sonic piece of warfare for preservation.

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Adopt a Brüder & Women for Aryan Unity

WAU have been sponsoring a program called Adopt a Brüder for over 14 years years now. Our goal was to establish a program to ensure that each Brüder Schweigen member was / is receiving financial support while imprisoned. As individuals, most of us cannot afford to donate to four people each month; as a group, we can form a network with the ability to collectively provide each member with funds, seeing that no one is overlooked. So far we have managed to create a decent network of comrades and friends who support the Brüders, like members of FTO Sweden, Blood and Honour Scotland, Blood and Honour Australia, The Southern Cross Hammerskins and many individual Racialists, but we need new sponsors on a regular basis.
The program involves “adopting” a member to donate money to each month. There is no minimum amount; you must merely pledge to send a certain amount and hold to it. You are always free to send more, and if for some reason you cannot make your pledge one month, we simply ask that you let us know so we can make sure the money comes from elsewhere. Ultimately, we would like to see each prisoner with two assigned sponsors, each contributing $25 a month, with any other donations supplementing that base amount.
Those in America will be sending their own money orders or Western Union transfers; you do not need to trust us to handle your money, though a Paypal address will be made available for those who prefer to donate that way, proof of money sent will be provided for those that use this method of payment. You may remain as anonymous as you would like; all that is required is an email address or other means of checking in each month.
Each month, a sponsor sends money to his or her “adopted” prisoner. Once the money has been sent, a sponsor needs to contact to report the amount and date and that’s it.
With each person contributing a little money, a little time, and a stamp, we can show these men our gratitude and support. By each doing what we can within our own means, we can combine our efforts to make a considerable difference. Anyone interested in participating should contact – please spread the word about this program. Those who may have thought a small contribution was pointless before may be more inclined to send support when they know others are doing the same. This is an instance where every little bit counts, and it is the “little bits” that will make this program a success.

A word from WAU Australia
I’m pretty sure that most people are not aware that WAU’s Adopt a Bruder program is the only source of financial support that most of the imprisoned men of The Order are getting on a regular basis. You may not have thought to sponsor before thinking that these men were being well taken care of by the Movement, but I can personally tell you that this is not the case. At the moment we are desperately in need of some sponsors. Presently we only have 1, yes only 1 American sponsor and this is very disappointing. These men are Americans and they have fought, were imprisoned and some have died/ been murdered for us, for America, for our Folk
It is extremely hard to get funds to these men if you live outside of America and unfortunately we have been denied many sponsors because of this. But if you live in America sending money is as easy as a trip to the post office. I know America is financially in dire straits with a lot of people out of work, but really we are not even asking for a lousy $1 a day, just $25 a month will help these men who have given so much, with the simple necessities to make their stay in ZOGs’ Gulags that little bit more comfortable.
When WAU first approached these men, they had nothing, they were walking around with holes in their shoes had no financial support at all and had basically been left to rot by our so called Movement. Is this how we treat our heroes? Please do not allow this to happen again. I must give a huge shout out to the Australians as this is where the majority of our sponsors come from. 
WAU Australia

Adopt a Brüder information was reposted from

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Stahlhelm Records updated stock 12-10-2017

A MONUMENTAL BLACK STATUE (AMBS) – Aere Perennius – CD $10 Nationalist Italian Black Metal.
AASGARD – Nekriki Mistagogia – CD $10 Great Black Metal from Athens Greece.  
AASGARD / BRIARGH – Restoration / Kydoimos – CD (split) $10 Excellent Greek & Spanish Black Metal.
ABSOLUTUS – Pugnare in lis Quae Obtinere Non Possis – CD $12 Phycological and Metaphysical journey via Black Metal from Belgium.
ABSURD – Asgardsrei – CD $12  Legendary German classic remixed, revised and remastered.
ANCIENT FUNERAL CULT – Відсіч – CD $12 Ukrainian Pagan Black Metal.
ARYAN TERRORISM - War - CD $12 National Socialist Black Metal from Ukraine.
ASKIVAL – Eternity – CD $12 Great quality Folk/Black Metal from Scotland.
AXIS OF ADVANCE – Strike – CD $12 Canadian blackened war metal.
BEFORE GOD – Under the Blood Banner – CD $12 American pagan/black metal from Minnesota.
BEFORE GOD – Wolves Amongst the Sheep – CD $10 American pagan/black metal from Minnesota (Remastered 2012).
BELIAR – Arcana Imperii – MCD $5 Heathen Black Metal from Poland.
BIALY VITEZ – Odejść by wiecznie żyć – CD $12 Pagan/Folk Metal from Poland.
BLACKDEATH – Gift – CD $12 Heathen Black Metal from Mother Russia.
BLAKULLA – Darkened by an Occult Wisdom – CD $10 Ancient Pagan Black Metal from France.
BLAKULLA – Hymns to the Past Glory – MCD $5 French Black Metal.
BLUE EYED DEVILS - On The Attack - CD $12 Notorious Hatecore album consisting of tracks from the self-titled 7" ep, Tri-State Terror Volume 2 compilation, Keep It White Volume 2 compilation, WPWW 4 compilation and the East Vs. West 7" ep.
BOUND FOR GLORY – Bad Apple – CD $10 Two re-recorded tracks and two new 2017.
BOUND FOR GLORY – Behold The Iron Cross – CD $12 Legendary Thrash/RAC Metal from the United States.
BOUND FOR GLORY – Death and Defiance – CD $13 America’s Legends deliver once again.
BOUND FOR GLORY – Feed The Machine – CD $13 Legendary Thrash/RAC Metal from the Mid-west.
BOUND FOR GLORY – Glory Awaits – CD $13 Legendary American Thrash/RAC Metal.
BOUND FOR GLORY – Hate Train Rolling – CD $13 Legendary Thrash/RAC Metal from the United States.
BOUND FOR GLORY – Ironborn – CD / Digipak $13 Legendary Vinlandic Metal/RAC 2017 full length release.
BOUND FOR GLORY – Ironborn – CD / Limited Edition Leather Slipcase $35 Legendary Vinlandic Metal/RAC 2017 full length release.
BOUND FOR GLORY – Last Act Of Defiance – CD $13 Legendary Thrash/RAC Metal from the United States.
BOUND FOR GLORY – Never Again – CD (very limited wood box edition, only 100 pcs) $30 Reissue from 1997 CD comes with sticker and small BFG patch, Requiem tracks included on the album.
BOUND FOR GLORY – The Fight Goes On – CD $14 This probably was the release that put them on the “Government Watch List.”
BOUND FOR GLORY / BRAINWASH – Day Of Victory – CD (Limited Edition Digibook split) $35 Late 2016 Legendary split album.
BRIARGH – Krigas – CD $6 Pagan Metal from Spain.
BRIARGH – Vn Antigvo Trono Olvidado – CD $6 Spanish Pagan Metal.
BRIARGH / HEILNOZ – Omen of the Last Autumn – CD (split) $10 A split of Spanish Pagan Black Metal.
BULLY BOYS – From Amerika With Love – CD $13 Legendary Vinlandic RAC.(LIMITED , FIRST PRESSING)
BULLY BOYS – Hard Times, Hard Measures – CD $12 Great southern melodic RAC.
BULLY BOYS – White Kid’s Gonna Fight – CD $12 Excellent melodic RAC south of the Mason/Dixon line.
BURZUM/VISIONS – A Tribute To Burzum – 2CD $20 Twenty-three bands paying homage to Varg Vikernes and Burzum.
CELTIC DANCE – Ancient Battlecry – CD $10 Celtic mythology inspired Black Metal from Portugal.
COLD NORTHERN VENGEANCE – Domination and Servitude – CD $6 Pagan Black Metal from New England.
COLD NORTHERN VENGEANCE – Maelstrom – CD $6 Occult Black Metal from New England , second full-length.
COLD NORTHERN VENGEANCE – Trial by Ice 2002-2010 – CD $6 Contains unreleased and rare tracks between 2002-2010.
CULTUS – Gezeteld in zegeruïnen – CD $12 Historical Pagan Black Metal from the Netherlands.
DARK FURY – Semper Fidelis – CD $10 Tracks off the first four demos , Night and the Fog Part III and unreleased material from this Polish horde.
DARK FURY – W.A.R. – CD $10 Extreme Heathen BM from Poland. 
DARK FURY / OHTAR – Necrohate / Auri Sacra Fames – CD (split) $10 Two of the finest Polish Heathen Black Metal Titans on this coordinated assault.
DARKESTRAH – The Great Silk Road – CD $6 Epic black/pagan metal from Kazakhstan/Germany.
DEFILE / BLACKMASS – Defiling The Masses – CD (split) $5 Thrashing Death Metal from Minnesota and Blackened Anti-Christian Death metal from Maryland.
DER STURMER / CAPRICORNUS - Polish Hellenic Alliance Against Z.O.G. - CD (split) $12 National Socialist Black Metal elites.
DER STURMER – Transcendental Racial Idealism – CD $12 Hellenic Nationalist  Black Metal propaganda.
DIABOLICAL SACRILEGE – To Dominate Their Psyche – CD $10 Death metal with an old school feel from Minnesota.
DIAGON – Satan Mit Uns – CD $10 Black Metal from the Czech Republic.
DISIPLIN – Molti Nemici , Molto Onore! – CD $12 Norwegian Black Metal Hatred.
DIVISION S - Hate - CD $12 Swedish NS Thrash/R.A.C Metal
DOMGARD – Myrkviðr – CD $12 Dark Germanic Pagan Metal from Sweden.
DRAPSNATT – Skelepht – CD $12 Depressive Black Metal from Northern Sweden.
DRAUGR – Nocturnal Pagan Supremacy – CD $12 Roman Pagan Black Metal.
DRUNEMETON – Fullmoon Asbath – CD $10 Pagan Black Metal from Russia.
DUB BUK – Iду на Ви! – CD $12 Extreme Pagan Black Metal from the Ukraine.(Eastside version)
DUB BUK – Мертві сорому не ймуть – CD $12 Excellent  Pagan Black Metal from the Ukraine.
DUB BUK – Русь Понад Усе! – CD $12 Ukrainian Pagan Black Metal.(Eastside version)
DUB BUK – Цвях – CD $12 Slavonic Pagan Black Metal from Ukraine.
EINSATZ KOMMANDO / HALLSTATT – The Forest Call / Battles for the Ancestral Lands – CD (split) $6 Spanish split of Black Metal & RAC.
EVOLA TRIBUTE – The Spirit Of Europe – CD (digipak) $12 Tribute to the Italian Traditionalist Visionary , Julius Evola.
EXECUTION HILL – King Of The Gallows – CD $12 Excellent Black Metal from the Czech Republic.
FJORD – Vor Tru – CD $10 Impressive Heathen Folk Metal from Canada.
FJORD / DRUNEMETON – A New Dawn Shall Rise / The Sacred Grove – CD $10 Canadian & Russian Pagan Black Metal.
FLAME OF WAR – Transcendence – CD $12 Pagan Black Metal from Poland.
FLAME OF WAR – Long Live Death! – CD $12 Pagan Black Metal War from Poland.
FREUDE – You Are The Front – CD $10 Greek NSBM.
GAMMADION – Enemy At The Gates – CD $12 Great quality Pagan Metal from Poland.
GAMMADION / HAMMER OF HATE / TORMENTIA – W mroku mogił – CD (three way split) $12 Three elite bands from Poland unite for a split of Pagan Metal & Metal laced RAC.
GAMMADION – Zemsta Ofiar / Prawda Rodzi Nienawiść – CD (Comp) $12 Nationalist Pagan Metal from Poland.
GEIMHRE – Mollachd – CD (Re-release) $12 Canadian NS Heathen Black Metal.
GOATPENIS – Apocalypse War – CD $12 Brazilian Waring Blackened Death Metal.
GOATPENIS – Depleted Ammunition – CD $6 Brazilian Nuclear Waring Death Metal Assault.
GOATPENIS -Trotz Verbot Nicht Tot – CD $6 Brazilian nuclear war metal.
GRAVELAND – Drunemeton – CD $6 Demo release from November of 1992.
GRAVELAND – In The Glare Of Burning Churches – CD $12 Another classic but raw release.
GRAVELAND / BIALY VITEZ – Ogień wilczych serc – CD (split) $12 Split of Elite Pagan Metal Wolf Craft from Poland.
GRAVELAND / HONOR - Raiders of Revenge - CD (split) $13 One of the best Polish Unity metal albums ever released.
GRAVELAND – The Celtic Winter – CD $12 Re-release of this great Pagan album.
GRAVELAND – The Celtic Winter – CD (No Colours) $12 Superb Black/Pagan Metal from the mid 90’s.
GRAVELAND – Wotan Mit Mir  – CD $12 As usual , top quality Pagan/Heathen metal from Poland.
GRAVEWURM – Black Fire – CD $10 Simplistic Goat laced Black Metal from Vinland.
GRAVEWURM – Blood Of The Pentagram – CD $10 Goat/Black Metal from Vinland.
HARZA – War – CD $12 WW II influenced Black Metal from Russia.
HEATHEN HAMMER – Clandestine Oath – CD $12 Heathen sonic warfare from Vinland.
HEATHEN HAMMER – Kinship Destiny – CD $12 Extreme Vinlandic Heathen Black Metal.
HEATHEN HAMMER - White Spirit Black Mask - CD $12 The third and most devastating attack so far.
HEIMDALLS WACHT – Der Untergang der alten Welt – CD $12 Pagan Black Metal from Germany.
HEIMDALLS WACHT – Ekte Westfäölske Svatte Metal – CD $12 Excellent Germanic Pagan Black Metal.
HEIMDALLS WACHT – Westfälischer Schlachtenlärm – CD $12 Germanic Anti Christian Pagan Black Metal.
HOLDAAR – Army of Winter – CD $12 Russian Pagan National Socialist Black Metal.
HOLDAAR – Way To The Sun/Fuckin Metal Thunder – CD $12 NS Russian Pagan Black Metal , includes the Fuckin Metal Thunder EP.
HOLDAAR – Your War – CD $12 National Socialist Pagan Black Metal from Kaliningrad Russia.
HONOR – In Flames of the Rising Power – CD (English Version) $12 Legendary Pagan Metal/RAC from Poland.
ICONOCLAST CONTRA – Combat Is the Voice of the Heathen – CD $12 Warring Nationalist Blackened Death Metal from Utah.
IUVENES / LEVIATHAN – Live in Eternal Sin / The Speed of Darkness – CD (split) $6 Pagan Black Metal from Poland / Depressive Black Metal from California.
KAMPFBUND – Saga Guerriere – CD $12 European pagan metalcore from France.
KENAZ – Volonté de fer ancestrale – CD $10 Canadian Pagan Black Metal War and Terror.
KIBORG – Marginal (Volume 2) – CD $12 Russian Nationalist Metalcore.
KIBORG – Rabble – CD $12 Quasi Industrial Metal/Death Core from Russia.
KRYNITZA – Angel – CD (digipak) $12 First album of Excellent Pagan Folk from Russland.
KRYNITZA – Hail To The Sun – CD (digipak) $12 Great Pagan Folk from Russland.
KRYNITZA – Stormsnows Are Dancing – CD (digipak) $12 4th full-length from the Slavonic neo-dark-folk group from Rybinsk.
KRYNITZA – The Song Of The Sepulchral Grass – CD (digipak) $12 Excellent Russian Folk.
LEGION OF THOR – Feuer & Flamme – CD $6 German deathcore.
LYCANTHROPY – Operation Werwolf – MCD $6 Russian/Ukrainian Heathen Blackened Death Metal.
MALEDICERE – Leave Only What is Fit to Burn – CD $10 Perfect blend of blasphemy and primitive style black metal from Minnesota.
MARTIAL – Execution (split w/ INFANTRY) – CD $12 Terrorist Heathen Black Metal from Poland.
MENEGROTH – Gazourmah – CD $10 Swiss Nationalist/Militant Black Metal.
MOLOTH – Unbreakable Faith – CD $12 Intolerant Russian Nationalist Black Metal.
MOLOTH / NEZHEGOL – Wotanjugend – Digipak $12 Russian National Socialist Black Metal / NS Pagan Black Metal.
MONDFINSTERNIS - Where The Heaven Ends - Digipak $14 Atmospheric Pagan Metal side project of Wolfkrieg from Russia.
MORDAEHOTH – Bloedwraak , Verdoem Al ‘t Christelijk Leven – CD $12 Pagan/Viking Black Metal from the Netherlands.
MORDAEHOTH – Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart – CD $12 Mythological Pagan/Viking Black Metal from the Netherlands.
MORTUUS CAELUM / ENOID / DIZZINESS – Impetum in Tenebris – CD (split) $12 Nature based , Pre-Christian , Anti-Human Black Metal from Greece / Switzerland.
NACHTFALKE – Wotan’s Return – CD $13 Excellent Black/Viking Metal from the Fatherland.
NEZHEGOL – Маршем грома в парад осенних ночей – CD $12 National Socialist Pagan Metal from Russia.
NOCTURNAL FEAR – Excessive Cruelty – CD $12 Great American Thrash Metal from the war zones of Detroit.
NOCTURNAL FEAR - Sterilize and Exterminate - CD $12 Debut release of War Dominated Thrash Metal from Murder City Michigan.
NORSEWIND – Mead in the Kettle – CD $12 Guerrilla Pagan Folk from Pennsylvania.
NORSEWIND – Odin’s Fierce Divine – CD $12 First album from these Guerrilla Folk Bards from Pennsylvania.
ODAL – Sturmes Brut – CD $12 Pagan Black Metal from the Fatherland , remastered and added bass unlike the first two versions.
ODAL – Zornes Heimat – CD $12 Pagan Black Metal from the Fatherland.
OHTAR / DARK FURY – Necrohate / Auri Sacra Fames – CD (split) $12 Two of the finest Polish Heathen Black Metal Titans on this coordinated assault.
OREWOET – Afrodisiacum der vroomheid – CD $12 Excellent Black Metal from the Netherlands , very limited.
PAGAN FLAME – Symbole de Vie et de Lumière – CD $10 Pagan Black Metal from Eastern Canada.
PAGAN FLAME / LEICHENZUG – The Flaming Return of Hyperborean Wrath – CD (split) $12 Canadian / German split of quality Pagan & Anti – Christian Black Metal.
PAGAN HAMMER – Norse Thunder – CD $12 Great Vinlandic Black Metal.
PANTHEON – Aryan Rebirth – DCD $12 Mythological Nationalist Black Metal from Arizona.
PANTHEON – Krihapentswor – CD $12 Mythological Nationalist Black Metal from Arizona.
PANTHEON – Vargrstrike – CD $12 American NSBM from Arizona.
PHONIX – Germania – CD $13 Project of Bound for Glory, Preserve White Aryans, Überzeugungstäter, Faust, Act of Violence & Division Germania.
PIAREVARACIEN – Down the Broken Path – CD $10 Pagan/Folk Metal from Belarus.
PIAREVARACIEN – If No Sun – Digipak $14 Belarusian Blackened Folk Metal.
PIAREVARACIEN – Spadčyna / Heritage – Digipak $14 Excellent Belarusian Folk Metal.
PIAREVARACIEN – U pošukach pačatku tych šlachoŭ – Digipak $14 Black Pagan/Folk Metal from Belarus.
POWERHAUS – Let The New Era Begin – CD $13 Thrash metal/Punk/RAC with members of BFG.
RACIAL PURITY – Last Ways Of Humenity – CD $6 Great quality German Metalcore. 
RAHOWA - Cult of the Holy War - CD $12 Legendary NS Metal band who's frontman infamously then betrayed the struggle. 
RUHMRIECH – Hymnen Des Vaterlandes – CD $6 Patriotic Black Metal from Germany.
SALTUS – Imperium Slonca – CD $12 Great blackened death from Poland.
SALTUS – Jedność – CD (digipak) $10 Slavonic Blackened Death Metal , limited 500 copies.
SALTUS – Triumf – CD $12 Blackened death from Poland.
SALTUS / LEGACY of BLOOD – Symbols of Forefathers / In Blacksmith of Hate – CD (split) $12 Two of Warsaw’s finest bands , Polish Blackened Death & Black Metal.
SAPTHURAN -Hildegicel – CD (digipak) $10 Solo Black Metal project by a member of Heathen Hammer.
SELBSTENTLEIBUNG – Emotionale Endstation – CD $12 Suicidal Black Metal from Austria.
SELBSTMORD – Dawn of a New Era – CD $10 Hateful suicidal Black Metal from Poland. 
SEVERE STORM – Follow The Path Of Darkness – CD $10 Nationalist Black Metal from Southern Poland.
SEVERE STORM / SLAVECRUSHING TYRANT – We Will Drown the Dawn in Blood – CD (split) $10 NSBM / Pagan Black Metal from the Aryan Stronghold of Poland.
SKREWDRIVER – The Flame That Never Dies – DCD $20 Some of the worlds most hated bands paying tribute to England’s Oi/RAC Legends.
SLAVLAND – Lechita – CD $12 Polish Pagan Metal.
SLAVLAND – Szepty Starych Debów – CD $12 Pagan Metal from Southern Poland.
SMASHING RAINBOWS – Rock Against Homosexuality – CD (compilation) $12 Basically a Metal/RAC Compilation on commonsense healthy living.
SOKYRA PERUNA (Tribute) – Ten Flaming Years – CD $6 A tribute and a gift for who some call the “King of Kiev” consisting of Pagan & RAC metal bands around the world.
STRIKE FORCE VOL. II – CD $13 Excellent Vinlandic,German,and Croatian Metal/Street Rock.
SVARGA – Jav’ Vozdymaet – CD $12 Ukrainian Melodic Pagan Black Metal.
SVARGA – Symbol of the Freedom – CD $12 Slavonic Pagan Black Metal from Ukraine.
SWAROST – Brzask – CD $6 Judeo-Christian smashing Heathen Black Metal from Poland.
TEMNOZOR – Haunted Dreamscapes – Digibook CD $15 Excellent Russian Folk/Black Metal. (RUSSIAN VERSION)
TEMNOZOR – Haunted Dreamscapes – CD $12 Excellent Russian Folk/Black Metal. (ENGLISH VERSION)
THE EVERSCATHED – The Devil’s Cross – CD $4 Old school Death Metal reminiscent to early Death (Including covers of Samael & Cancer). 
THE WOODS OF SOLITUDE – На Пороге Хаоса – CD $12 Melodic Russian Black Metal.
THE WOODS OF SOLITUDE – Испепеление Авраамических Религий – Digipak CD $15 Anti-Urban Black Metal from Russia.
THE WOLVES OF AVALON – Boudicca’s Last Stand – CD $6 Second release of English Celtic Pagan Metal.
THE WOLVES OF AVALON – Carrion Crows Over Camlan – CD $6 Superb British Celtic Pagan Metal.
THOR’S HAMMER – May the Hammer Smash the Cross – CD $12 NS Anti-Christian Black Metal from Poland.
THOTH – Zamglenie – CD $6 Dark Black Metal from Poland.
TODESSTRAFE – The Northern Hammer Returns – Digipak $14 Italian National Socialist Black Metal.
TRISKELON – Endast Mörker – CD $12 Excellent quality Swedish NS Death Metal.
ULVEGR – Arctogaia – CD $12 Ineffable Ukrainian Mystical Pagan/Black Metal.
ULVEGR – Where the Icecold Blood Storms – CD $12 Ukrainian Heathen Black Metal.
VAETTIR – S/T – pro-CDR $5 Extreme underground heathen/black metal from the Granite State(First press. very limited).
VEIL – Dolor – CD $12 Depressive Black Metal from Saint Paul
VEIL – Sombre – CD $12 Vinlandic occult raw Black Metal(Re-release with a previously unreleased track/Stellar Winter version also available).
VELIMOR – Our World – CD $12 Ukrainian Pagan Black Metal. 
VOLKOLAK – Disappear – CD $12 Russian Pagan/Folk Metal. 
WALD – Horn of War – CD $12 Pagan Black Metal from Russia.
WEHRWOLF / WIR SIND THULE – The Order – CD (split) $6 NSBM from Southern California / NSBM from Pennsylvania.
WELTMACHT – And to Every Beast Its Prey – CD $12 Excellent American Black Metal from the Mid-west.
WEREWOLF – The Order of Vril – CD $12 Polish black/pagan metal with members of Iuvenes.
WEST WALL – Blitzkrieg Symphony #1 in D-Minor – CD $13 American war/death metal from the mid-west.
WEST WALL – Reconquest or Death – CD $13 Crushing second album from the Minnesota war metal camp.
WEST WALL – On My Shield – CD $13 3rd assault of pro-infidel waring death metal excellence!
WHITE DEATH – Compilation – CD $10 Multiple tracks from Before God , Front Towards Enemy ,  Iron Youth , Bifrost , Centurion , Sigrblot , Triskelon and Veles.
WHITE DEVILS – Hussar – CD $13 Melodic Hatecore collaboration of International Nationalist veterans.
WHITE MASTER / FRAKASS – European Storm – CD (split) $12 Heavy Polish RAC and French Nationalist Metal.
WIGRID – Die Asche Eines Lebens – CD $12 Depressive black metal from Germany.
WILKOLAK – The Blasphemous Scarlet – CD $12 Pagan Black Metal Darkness from Poland.
WINDS OF HYPERBOREA / BENARES – Jebać życie – CD (split) $10 Raw Black Metal from Poland / German Black Metal.
WINTERFRONT – Northwinds – CD $10 Pagan Black Metal from Croatia.
WIR SIND THULE – Arbeit Macht Frei – CD $6 American Black Metal from Pennsylvania.
WODULF – …from the Corpsegates – CD $12 Ancient Greek Black Metal. 
WOLFKRIEG/ARTAM – Väterchen Frost – Digipak (split) $15 Russian – German Alliance , Russia and Germany have a long and shifting history ranging from cooperation and even alliance to strain and to total war , NO MORE BROTHERS WAR!!!
WOLFKRIEG – Blood and Honour – CD $12 National Socialist Pagan Black/Death Metal from Moscow Russia.
WOLFKRIEG – Fire of Ragnarök – Digipak $15 National Socialist Pagan Black/Death Metal from Mother Russia.
WOLFTRIBE – Dolor Aeterna – CD $6 Anti-Christian Black Metal from Poland.
WOODTEMPLE – The Call From The Pagan Woods – CD $12 Austrian Pagan Metal with a dark feel to it.
WOTANORDEN – Aryan Culture Preservation – CD $12 Nationalist pagan/heathen black metal from the United States.
WOTANORDEN – From The Storm Come The Wolves – CD $12 Vinlandic heathen black metal war.
WSCHOD – O Dumie, Sile I Ogniu – CD $10 Polish Black Metal. 
WSCHOD – Oddalenie – CD $10 Polish Black Metal.


The Original Ghettoblaster (mens) t-shirt $13-$15(XXL)

Northwest Front Article 1 (mens) t-shirt $15-$17(XXL)
Lycanthropy Black Wolfish Craft (Russian/Ukrainian collaboration) (mens) t-shirt $8-$10(XXL) 


Shipping costs effective September 3rd, 2017

For orders in the United States add:

SHIPPING & HANDLING (approximately)

$3.00 - Cd (First Class)
$3.50 - 2 Cd's (First Class)
$4.50 - 3 Cd's (First Class)
$7.00 - 5-6 Cd's (Priority)
7 or more Cd's I will calculate upon request.

TRACKING is included in the shipping price for all US orders.
(If you prefer media shipping let me know , it's a little cheaper but takes longer.)

Shipping costs effective September 3rd, 2017

International SHIPPING & HANDLING add:

SHIPPING (Approximately)

$9.00/13.50 - 1-2 Cd's (First Class Canada , Mexico ,Europe & South America)
$15.00/22.50 - 3-8 Cd's (First Class Canada , Mexico ,Europe & South America)
9 or more Cd's I will calculate upon request.

International registered mail add $14.50

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Golden State Skinheads - Sacramento Rally Backlash

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It’s no secret that the modern left-wing way of thinking is ultimately communism; this of course means that their views and motives are polar opposite of ours almost in their entirety. As members of G.S.S., we’ve spent many years fighting the ever-increasing tide of the communist and globalist agendas in the political arena that is destroying our nation at its core. We have made sure to carefully take every step to maintain a consistent legal and professional stance since our first day of inception. As “Skinheads” we have grown accustomed to the law not taking kindly to us and our views and in knowing this we’ve strived to maintain an above average standard of legality; far surpassing the degenerative left-wing opposition who seemingly oppose every active law and are openly encouraged to do so by main stream media and government officials.

After many years of legally permitted protests and rallies I personally believe our actions speak volumes. Not once have we started any violence at any event under our banners – EVER! Not once have we disobeyed law enforcement or failed to comply with rules set by permits and local authorities; albeit when attacked we have defended ourselves when deemed necessary – yet this is every free mans right! On June 26, 2016 at the Sacramento State Capital we held a rally like we had many times before; and like prior events the left-wing terrorist groups threatened to stop us. Upon our arrival to the Capital grounds over 300 homemade weapon welding commies bombarded us with the sole intention of ending our lives. We were a modest group of 17 men that stood together and the aftermath of the attack left a higher number of the opposition injured. We strongly believe we were in the right to defend ourselves and see this entire situation as obvious self defense.  All of this was documented on photo and video via multiple cameras and even the CHP made public statements supporting this.

The fact that the end result of this event was made so public, causing many civilians to sympathize in our plight; we were surprised to find out that from the date of the Sacramento Rally the FBI has been holding a full investigation on our members and organization as a whole. As it has now been over a year since the June Rally and they have proceeded to start arresting members on rally related crimes whilst adding on a vast number of erroneous charges that we can only suspect as being falsified. We feel as if we’re being unjustly persecuted despite being legal activists because of the way the situation unfolded last June. It appears as if they’re eager to conclude this circumstance to appease the public eye and have found a simpler avenue in “crucifying” our members instead of addressing the real issues at hand.

None of us will flee and any who are charged will face all accusations in an open court and do so with pride in knowing our actions have always been legal and justified. We’ll have fund raisers up soon to attain proper lawyers and bail for those that are in need. We will have complete transparency with any and all funds gained for this purpose. Yet ultimately G.S.S. asks that our movement as a whole simply support us in any way that they can.
Hail G.S.S!