Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Brigade M / Fehér Törvény ‎- Dutch/Hungarian Brotherhood

Dutch/Hungarian Brotherhood RAC/OI. CD $12

PANTHEON - Führersland

Vinlandic Pagan National Socialist Black Metal. CD $10

Burzum/Visions - A Tribute To Burzum

Twenty-three bands paying homage to Varg Vikernes and Burzum. DCD $20

Aborym - Det Som Engang Var
Aegishjalmar - Jesus Tod
Black Queen - In I Slottet Fra Droemmen
Cryogenic - Dunkelheit
Earthcorpse - Lost Wisdom
Ewigkeit Ea 2000 - Out For The Count
Fornost - Wende Im Zeichen Des Mikrokosmos
Funeral Procession - Der Ruf Aus Dem Turm
Judas Iscariot - War
Krigstrommer - Lost Wisdom
Krystal - Balferd Baldrs
Luror - Key To The Gate
Nokturnal Mortum - Journey To The Stars
Orthaugr - Der Weinende Hadnur
Pagan Hellfire - Frijos Einsames Trauern
Sarnath - Stemmen Fra Tarnet
Schizoid - En Ring Til A Herske
Starchamber - Han Som Reise
The Syre - Black Spell Of Destruction
Tronus Abyss - Moti Ragnarokum
Wolfsburg - Ein Verlorener, Vergessener Trauriger Geist
Woods Of Fallen - Beholding The Daughters Of The Firmament
Herrenvolk - Daudi Baldrs

BRIGADE M - Trouw aan Rood, Wit, Blauw

Diamond hard RAC from the Netherlands. CD $12

BRIGADE M - Nationaal Revolutionair

Revolutionary RAC/OI from the Netherlands. CD $12

Friday, April 6, 2018

BUSTUM - The Return of Hate

Dark Pagan Black Metal from Poland. CD $12

WSCHOD - Oddalenie

Polish Black Metal. CD $12

WSCHOD - O Dumie, Sile I Ogniu

Polish Black Metal. Cd $12

WOTANORDEN - From The Storm Come The Wolves

Vinlandic heathen black metal war. CD $12

WOTANORDEN - Aryan Culture Preservation

Nationalist pagan/heathen black metal from the United States. CD $12

WOODTEMPLE - The Call From The Pagan Woods

Austrian Pagan Metal with a dark feel to it. CD $13

WOLFTRIBE - Dolor Aeterna

Anti-Christian Black Metal from Poland. CD $12

WOLFKRIEG - Blood and Honour

National Socialist Pagan Black/Death Metal from Moscow Russia. CD $12

WOLFKRIEG/ARTAM - Väterchen Frost

Russian – German Alliance , Russia and Germany have a long and shifting history ranging from cooperation and even alliance to strain and to total war , NO MORE BROTHERS WAR!!! CD $15

WODULF - …from the Corpsegates

Ancient Greek Black Metal. CD $12

WIR SIND THULE - Arbeit Macht Frei

American Black Metal from Pennsylvania. CD $12

WINTERFRONT - Northwinds

Pagan Black Metal from Croatia. CD $12


Raw Black Metal from Poland / German Black Metal. CD $12

WILKOLAK - The Blasphemous Scarlet

Pagan Black Metal Darkness from Poland. CD $12

WIGRID - Die Asche Eines Lebens

Depressive black metal from Germany. CD $13


Heavy Polish RAC and French Nationalist Metal. CD $12


Melodic Hatecore collaboration of International Nationalist veterans. CD $12

WHITE DEATH - Compilation

Multiple tracks from Before God , Front Towards Enemy ,  Iron Youth , Bifrost , Centurion , Sigrblot , Triskelon and Veles. CD $12

WEST WALL - On My Shield

3rd assault of pro-infidel waring death metal excellence! CD $12

WEST WALL - Blitzkrieg Symphony #1 in D-Minor

American war/death metal from the mid-west. CD $12

WELTMACHT - And to Every Beast Its Prey

Excellent American Black Metal from the Mid-west. CD $15


NSBM from Southern California / NSBM from Pennsylvania. CD $12

WALD - Horn of War

Pagan Black Metal from Russia. CD $12

VOLKOLAK - Disappear

Russian Pagan/Neofolk. CD $12

VELIMOR - Our World

Ukrainian Pagan Black Metal. CD $13

VEIL - Sombre

Vinlandic occult raw Black Metal (Original Stellar Winter version.) CD $12

VEIL - Sombre

Vinlandic occult raw Black Metal (Re-release with a previously unreleased track.) CD $12

VAETTIR - Vaettir

Extreme underground heathen/black metal from the Granite State (First press. very limited.) CDR $10

ULVEGR - Where the Icecold Blood Storms

Ukrainian Heathen Black Metal. CD $12

ULVEGR - Arctogaia

Ineffable Ukrainian Mystical Pagan/Black Metal. CD $15

TODESSTRAFE - The Northern Hammer Returns

Italian National Socialist Black Metal. CD $14